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Note that the legal definition of Sexual Assault is very different to the way that we use the term in this manual.

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Under Georgia law, Sexual Assault is defined as “sexual contact” that is perpetrated by “a person who has supervisory or disciplinary authority over another individual.” For example, sexual assault occurs when a teacher engages in sexual contact with a student, or when a hospital employee engages in sexual contact with a patient.

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Sexual Assault Policy in Georgia

Therefore, while this manual may use the term “sexual assault” as an umbrella term for a range of sexual misconduct offenses, we have not included the full legal definition here because conduct cases between students would not meet the criteria.However, some students may feel that the legal definitions of sexual offenses in the Georgia Code are not inclusive and/or supportive of their experiences.

Dating a minor Legal Advice -

If a student wishes to pursue criminal charges for any of the following offenses in the State of Georgia, these definitions will be useful for both the student and the professionals working with him/her/hir, including Conduct Officers.

Georgia dating laws minors:

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