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However, some students may feel that the legal definitions of sexual offenses in the Georgia Code are not inclusive and/or supportive of their experiences.

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Therefore, the university conduct process operates independently of the criminal justice system.

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Should a student wish to pursue a case through the Office of Student Conduct, there are separate procedures and policies in place.Note that the legal definition of Sexual Assault is very different to the way that we use the term in this manual.

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Where quotation marks are used in this section of the manual, the language has been taken directly from the Criminal Code of Georgia. § 16-5-90 Stalking A person commits stalking when “he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person.” In the Code, “contact” is defined as “any communication including without being limited to communication in person, by telephone, by mail, by broadcast, by computer, by computer network, or by any other electronic device.” “Harassing and intimidating” is defined as “a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes emotional distress by placing such person in reasonable fear for such person’s safety or the safety of a member of his or her immediate family, and by establishing a pattern of harassing and intimidating behavior, and which serves no legitimate purpose.” The defendant does not have to make a threat of death or bodily injury to be found guilty of stalking.

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