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(Greek, harmonia ; Latin, harmonia ) A concord of sounds, several tones of different pitch sounded as a chord; among the Greeks, the general term for music.

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Although it is probable that the notion and practice of harmony existed among the peoples of the North — the Scandinavians, Celts, and Britons — and that singing in two or more parts was in popular use much earlier, the principle was not applied to the chant of the Church, as far as we now know, until the ninth century.

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The first interval which was used simultaneously with the melodic note was the fourth below (See COUNTERPOINT).It was Hucbald-Amand de St-Amand (840-930) who systematized and gave a theoretic basis to this manner of performing the music of the Church (Organum).

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By doubling this interval in its upper octave, the interval of the fifth above the melodic note was formed, thus suggesting three-part harmony, which was introduced into practice later on.

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