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I thought that it was the end of the world..heart was broken cause he was gone and now I have to take care of not one but 2 babies by myself.

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It has been very hard and demanding for the most part but it has also been a daily reminder of mitch sr.

Lamaze for Parents Blogs Birth by the Numbers - How Does the.

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I can't wait to show him how well I am doing with the boys and how much they are like him... He has only seen the baby in pictures and he is 6 months old now..entire pregnancy was spent with my husband behind bars..when she was born we were both ecstatic--but he took the cake--i've never seen a man cry both when he found OUT about the baby AND after she was born, but he did :) the road isn't an easy one travelled but for those of us that choose to walk it it's extremely rewarding in many ways, sometimes upsetting in others..keeping it real.I was fine with the whole situation until after I had the baby.

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You aren't the only one walking the path--thank goodness i found PTO very early on in my pregnancy so i really wasn't ever alone.

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