Dating your best friend's younger sister

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Eventually we started really talking and she opened up about some things in a way I'd never expected.

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I know it sounds cliche but I think I'm in love with her.

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And once again to clear things up, not the "She's so beautiful inside and out! " kind of love but I legitimately care for this girl and I'd like her to be involved in my life for as long as possible. I don't think that's fair to him, and that's not even mentioning the fact that she mht not feel the same. Welcome to Ask Dr Nerd Love, the only dating advice column that's short on bullshit, tall in wordcount, narrow of purpose and wide in vision. And what's the best way to try to hook up at a wedding doing your best Vince Vaughn impression? If you're a fan of fine gaming podcasts, then you mht want to check out this week's episode of Rebel FM; I'm joining Anthony Gallegos, Arthur Gies and Mitch Dyer for a special all-relationship-questions episode.

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She still is tomboyish and the threat of a relationship/romance could alienate her.

Dating your best friend's younger sister:

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