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It also counts 492 registered members—registration is free; there are “no hidden costs”—of whom 291 are from South Africa, a country where about 5,5-million people, or more than 18,8% of the population, are living with HIV or Aids, according to fures published in May by UNAids.

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One of these is “Kelly-Babe” a 26-year-old from Cape Town.

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Rory Carroll How I never quite fell for South Africa World news.

“I am a lady who is HIV-positive, willing to meet someone who does not have a problem about my status, someone who is friendly and caring,” reads her ad.“Leoguy” (30) from East London, South Africa, says he has “shy appearance yet fun to be around” and wants “sweetness in a relationship” and in return “will offer love and warh”.I thought it would add a little class to how they can meet new and interesting people,” the site reads.

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If people meet someone on in September 2003 with a R28Â 000 ($4Â 000) investment footed solely by Sassman himself—“you’re both in the same health boat, and you can just go on with the date and not worry about disclosing [your status],” he said.“Therefore there is no emotional pressure explaining your current health status.

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