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This festival is held at Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine, Sochinju (a general village shrine) in Nagoya as a b annual festival.

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The Fukurokuju-sha is a float registered as a cultural property and is very valuable in that it carries four wind-up dolls.

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Shinyotogyo-Dashihoei (a Shinto ritual to carry a portable shrine and a float) was resumed at the 1985 festival.Access Method: 5-minute walk from Shiyakusho Station on the subway Nagoya Castle bus stop on the Me~guru bus route Closed: Year-end/new year holiday Website The "most active shopping district in Japan," lined with shops of all kinds offering household appliances, used clothing, fine food, etc.

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When the procession of floats are brought out and carried through Nagoya, it resembles ancient picture scrolls showing the traditional ritual.

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