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The first episode of the 5STAR programme Strip Date, which airs tonht at 8pm, sees Taylor-Rae, a 23-year-old barber from Northern Ireland and Carl, 28, from Gloucester transform each other into a vision of each others' perfect dates - with predictably disastrous results.

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The show, which has Vikki Pattison at the presenting helm, sees Taylor-Rae transformed from a glamour-loving beauty pageant contestant into an all-out rock chick, as Carl makes the style of his ideal woman known.

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With his hair styled in two spikes, black goggles on his head and a white bone through his nose, Carl dresses in baggy black combat gear.The show's format involves one elible single (Male or Female) and three possible suitors, all four of which have been made over with Prosthetic makeup, each "beast" will then go on a date with the singleton.

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A ring through his bottom lip and a slick of eyeliner completes the look.

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