Dating mother and daughter at the same time

Mom and daughter pregnant at the same time - YouTube

Sherri Murphy and her daughter Tammi Pickle have been working together for the last 27 years.

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Tammi was Sherri’s mini assistant when she was in real estate at six years old.

Mom <i>and</i> <i>daughter</i> pregnant at the <i>same</i> <i>time</i> - YouTube


She started working part time for Elite Connections when she was 15.When Tammi got her Bachelors in Psychology she walked into the matchmaking profession full time, has been a tremendous asset and is now VP of the company.

Is it strange if a fathers son dates a mothers daughter, if the father.

Sherri and Tammi have together hosted with “Party With A Purpose”, their Christmas black-tie fundraiser and children’s events all 16 years.

Dating mother and daughter at the same time:

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