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Cold Feet Causes - Do You Have Cold Feet?

Premarital Counseling" data-blog-content="false" data-content-tags="["e3ff7bbd-251d-473b-9e26-967d9e0f3a6a", "63e4a41a-57e9-4f11-88be-db803e3822a9"]" data-singular-terms="["Wedding Etiquette","Premarital Counseling"]" data-content-hub-id="" data-content-strategy-type="editorial" data-content-series="" Are you experiencing a chilling fear as you realize you're legally about to spend the rest of your life with your partner? Most of the time, this freak-out period just means you have a case of prewedding jitters—and trust us, you're definitely not alone!

How to Deal With Cold Feet Before Your Wedding Day

There are lots of to-be-weds that get nervous before the wedding day, and cold feet can come up in a number of ways.

How to Deal With <em>Cold</em> <em>Feet</em> Before Your Wedding Day

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It could be your partner's annoyances getting to you, like a sink full of dishes you asked them to put away multiple times to no avail, or feeling panicky over 200 out-of-town guests flying in, or an argument you had with your parents over the venue and now you're having trouble sleeping or eating regular meals. You're about to make a commitment for the rest of your life and you're staring that notion rht in the eye. " Simply put, cold feet is usually a reaction to stress.If you find yourself facing any of these issues, take steps immediately to confront the problem head-on, whether it's consulting with family or friends, and/or seeking professional help (either individually or together).

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"Cold feet is normal for most people," says Jane Greer, Ph D, marriage and sex therapist and author of . The engagement period isn't always smooth sailing when you're deep in the wedding planning trenches.

Dating guy gets cold feet:

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