Dating guy gets cold feet

Cold Feet Causes - Do You Have Cold Feet?

"A marriage is so permanent, and it's not uncommon for people to second-guess themselves. Prewedding stress can make you more irritable, impatient and easily annoyed.

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If, out of the blue, your partner or family members start bugging you and those habits are driving you crazy, take a deep breath.

Help! I'm Engaged with <em>Cold</em> <em>Feet</em> eHarmony Advice

Help! I'm Engaged with Cold Feet eHarmony Advice

Recognize you may be more sensitive than normal, and do your best to keep things in perspective, relax and be healthy.Share your feelings with your spouse-to-be in a nonconfrontational way.

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Your nerves will eventually return to a normal state. So does taking time for yourself with your favorite hobbies, pampering yourself and keeping open lines of communication with your partner. B–style cold feet, the jitters may snify a more pressing problem and deserve immediate attention.

Dating guy gets cold feet:

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