Dating fault gouge

Dating Faults

Between the cities of Domodossola and Locarno, the complex "Centovalli Line" tectonic zone of the Central Alps outlines deformation phases over a long period of time (probably starting ~ 30 Ma ago) and under variable P-T conditions.

Cretaceous reactivation of the Deokpori Thrust, Taebaeksan Basin.

The last deformation phases developed gouge-bearing faults with a general E-W trend that crosscuts the roots of the Alpine Canavese zone and the Finero ultramafic body.

Electron spin resonance esr <i>dating</i> in karst environments določanje.

K-Ar Dating of Fault Gouges from the Red River Fault Zone of.

Kinematic indicators show that the general motion was mainly dextral associated with back thrusting towards the S. Maddock, and an anonymous referee for reviewing this chapter and correcting the English.

Fault gouge geology

We thank Akira Takeuchi of Toyama University, who kindly arranged a field sampling from the Mozumi tunnel, and Ken Shibata of Nagoya Bunri University, who organized the joint research on the K-Ar dating of fault gouge during 1987–1992. This research was supported partly by Waseda University Grant for Special Research Projects (no. Fault gouges were mapped and collected along the Atotsugawa fault, one of the major active faults in Japan, and along the Mozumi–Sukenobu fault, branching off from the Atotsugawa fault.

Dating fault gouge:

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