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A Labour prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) has stood down less than a week after her candidacy was publicly announced. Ms Page, deputy leader of Dartford Borough Council's Labour , has been replaced by Dr Bachchu Kaini.

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Personal reasons have been cited for Daisy Page stepping down as the Labour PPC in Dartford, Kent, which is held by the Conservatives with more than a 12,000 majority. Dr Kaini, 48, an NHS doctor from Nepal who works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, south-east London, said: "Dartford deserves better from the government and from our member of Parliament.

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"Issues such as congestion, air quality, better transport links, the town centre, local health and social care have gone unaddressed by the Conservatives for too long.It was not until the 1730s that county teams began to be truly representative of their counties.

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"Dartford deserves an alternative to the funding cuts we've seen in our NHS and education system.

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