Dating app for high schoolers

Teens on Tinder Why Hh Schoolers Have Invaded the

“Can I you back; the bell just rang” asked Samuel Lurye, the 16-year-old founder of Social Synergy Media, one of the latest startups to be accepted into Chicago accelerator Catapult.

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Three minutes later and Lurye was back on the phone.

Teens on Tinder Why Hh <em>Schoolers</em> Have Invaded the

Now teenagers have their own version of Tinder -

“Sorry, I guess that’s one of the few problems with running a startup while in hh school.In less than a month, Lurye will be launching Kiss, the first product to fall under his Social Synergy Media umbrella.

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I have to constantly switch rooms when the bell goes off.” And though it’s easy to imagine a laundry list of obstacles for a hh school entrepreneur, accommodating the bell schedule appears to be the only one that’s truly slowing down this Lincoln Park Hh School Junior.

Dating app for high schoolers:

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