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I nodded as he said this, pumped on how well I thought the date was going. — when he declined my invitation to a concert a few days later.

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This guy was really looking for someone he jammed with, and we were jamming. I’d assumed that our shared love of Three 6 Mafia and road trips meant we’d at least have a second date, if not end up getting married, but Ken had a different vision.

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Apparently an ENFP (me) and an INTJ (him) could never work out, primarily because of the initial letters, to his mind.I could only give some half-baked combination of letters based on a shaky memory of undergrad psych but in retrospect, I should have really responded with STFU.

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” He boasted that he was an INTJ (a rare MBTI profile most notably shared with Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, he confided) and was curious if I’d ever taken the test.

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