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Some date and have sex outside of marriage, but [most] other men are truly devoted to their relion. usually because they’re afraid they won’t be competent when they finally get married.” “Most mentions of sex in the [mosque] are usually associated with sin,” he adds.

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The attitude that the imams take is that any sort of deliberate extramarital sex is a severe sin — one that results in punishment in the [afterlife].” Islamic scholars differ in their opinions of this interpretation.

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The mainstream view among some world-famous preachers, including Zakir Naik, is that anyone engaging in extramarital sexual activities without repentance (in the form of fasting and prayer) will be sent to hell on Judgment Day.It’s impossible,” a Canadian man by the username Abu Khadeer says.

How to Get a Girlfriend if You're Shy with Pictures - How

“There’s no way we can talk about sex, or anything to do with sex inside a mosque.

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