Dating a guy who just got out of prison

Would you date a man that just got out of prison for armed.

Very affectionate all that good warm and fuzzy stuff. You look like a smart girl, so please dont do something stupid.

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Im worried about telling my family my boyfriend is a recently released convict. I read your profile, you have goals and this man is only going to take you away from those goals and not to mention that this person has already proven that he is capable of being malicious. Im not saying that a person cannot be rehabilitated but statistiy it just isnt going to happen.

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My parents are very overprotective and well they currently 100 percent support me financially so i dont want them going haywire when they find out. How about like this; Mom, Dad, I would like to introduce you to my new man. Your safety and emotional well being isnt worth the risk that this man home invasion robbery is a violent crime and violent criminals dont just start being violent until they've spent some time "practicing" with the lesser, nonviolent crimes....But again, said histories only account for the stuff people get busted for....bottom line is once a criminal, always a criminal ...a reformed criminal is still a criminal and thus much more likely to reoffend than a other words you are rolling the dice here, make your choices but know that one day you may be talking to the cops (about him), get in trouble (because of him) and or get a that he aint coming home.... they do have conjugal visits nowdays at most prisons !!!!! that means you don't know DIDDLY SQUAT about whether he has changed for the better or not.

So he has been in prison so what rht? Free Dating, Singles.

I wanted to know how other people would go about telling your family your amazing new boyfriend/girlfriend is a recently released convict? Apperantly he was someone elses man up until a while ago, but we all know how that goes rht Mom/Dad? on top of that, he got caught and convicted for the one robbery...

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