Dating a beta male

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The researchers found that while “dominance” was considered sexually attractive, “aggressive” and “domineering” tendencies did not make men more attractive.

Characteristics of an Alpha Male -

Which will be unsurprising news to women the world over.

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Dating tips for beta males - The Sydney Morning Herald

A further study broke down the idea of dominance into two types and found women respond differently to both: whilst being assertive and confident is considered attractive, being demanding, violent or self-centred is not.But does that mean the idea of typiy alpha men being most attractive to women is a myth?

On College Campuses, a Shortage of Men

In fact, the attractive combination according to the women in the study was kindness and assertiveness (which, yet again, most women could have told you).

Dating a beta male:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates