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Is Twin Cities the U. S. dating capital? 'Great Love Debate' is betting.

No, really, says Brian Howie, host of “The Great Love Debate.” Starting Wednesday, Howie is brasy — some would say madly — staging 14 events in Minneapolis where each nht, ideally, 100 single men on one side of the aisle will get real and honest with 100 single women on the other side.

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The goal: hammering out, face to face, this thing ed romance and how to get it, featuring a panel of local relationship experts and media personalities to guide the audience through Q’s and A’s about what they’re looking for in a partner and dissolving misconceptions about the opposite sex.

<strong>Christian</strong> <strong>singles</strong> <strong>dating</strong>?

Christian singles dating?

Twin Cities singles kvetch about how hard it is to meet possible mates, thinking that if they only lived somewhere warmer or more populous or socially relaxed, it would be easier to find love matches.At the very least, he said, it’s a chance for some real face time instead of hiding behind profiles, Tinder and . “Instead of swiping left or rht on a screen, go to a Starbucks or Caribou and turn your head left or rht.

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Not so, says Howie, a California-based dating advice author who started the show three years ago as a “social experiment.” That has led to more than 100 similar events in 78 cities across North America, including two last year in Minneapolis.

Christian singles dating mn:

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