Can you hook up a turntable to sonos

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But I'm focusing on the Flexson because the company -- which makes Sonos accessories such as stands, mounts and skins -- touts the turntable's Sonos "compatibility" as its raison d'être.

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Regardless of which turntable you connected, though, streaming an analog LP over a dital audio system seems like an odd pairing to me.

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Wireless audio is all about hands-free, background music, and the Vinyl Play is a 100 percent, hands-on, fully manual turntable that requires total user involvement.We have a Samsung F6740 which as a DITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) connector and have been told that we can connect to a SONOS 5 that has a headphone socket and AUX in connector - there seems to be some confusion over which cable? This will also let you send the TV audio output to any other Sonos components in the house.

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You have to pick an LP from your record collection, pull the vinyl disc out of its jacket, put it on the turntable platter, start the motor to spin the platter, and place the stylus (needle) in the LP groove.

Can you hook up a turntable to sonos:

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