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Continuity: When Danny is giving Larry a gift for being a great brother and friend, Larry comes forward and takes the bag from Danny and gives him a hug. The family was so hodgepodge looking that it was distracting- yeah rht they are brothers, yeah rht that's his dad...

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After the hug, the next shot is of Larry taking the bag from Danny again. See more »Danny: My brother, Larry- when I was a kid- told me that kids were supposed to run free in the park... I think this got bit in the butt by a low budget and honestly it was kind of sophomoric...

Hedging. Money Management

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but also bad enough that at the end I was kind of letdown. The romance was so simplistic that it did not seem authentic and they didn't seem to have much chemistry.It's a romance without "b boy pants." So I neither recommend it nor swear you off it completely..

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See more » Well, this was good enough that I watched it the whole way through...

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