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Change certain qualities about their boyfriend chanel west coast dating b cat being a dick. "Yeeahh." said Chanel "Mhm." Said B Black "Yep" said Drama and Sterling at the same time. "Okay, and I've got mine so we're all good." said Rob. "Aw man, I like this." said B Black looking around the room "Dude. Chanel goes over to a window, and looks out at the waters below and the beautiful nht sky. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to go ahead and head to bed." said Rob walking off to his room. Everyone else leaves the room after Drama, and goes to their rooms, then falls asleep.

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Just before they stepped on the cruise, Rob turns towards to everyone. (Now on the ship) The ship care taker shows everyone their rooms. "Okay so here is your room miss." said the care taker politely. I love it." she said amazed while placing her bags on the water bed. This is nice." said Drama Then, B cat and Sterling get to see their room that they both share. Sterling looks around, and notices two nice water beds sitting side by side in the room.

Big cat and chanel dating:

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