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Produced by the Portland-based advertising agency Sockeye, the film has become a viral sensation and yet another branding coup for Wildfang. Having spent years at Nike–Mc Ilroy worked in marketing, and Parsley worked at the Nike Foundation–both founders are trained in hh standards, exhaustive consumer research, and the art of crafting a compelling story for a brand.“I guess what we took from Nike was like a mini degree of the best practices. This revelation, along with the surprising number of women who confessed to constantly borrowing their boyfriend’s sweatshirts or grandfather’s old jackets, convinced her that there was room in the market for a company like Wildfang.

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Wood s Wildfang a “game changer.”“The world is really split up into two sections, it’s like boy-girl,” she says. One of the things that’s special about Nike is you learn how to be a storyteller,” says Mc Ilroy, who worked on the campans for the Fuel Band and “Write the Future.”She adds: “It’s the most consumer-obsessed company I’ve ever worked with or interacted with. But the piece that really pushed her over–and convinced her that she should go the start-up route with Parsley–was how all of the women she talked to followed the same influencers on social media.“When I looked at these girls’ social media accounts, all of them followed the same people. So what I said to Julia was, ‘You take that menswear-inspired product and you put it together with that voice and attitude and persona and tone of voice that a number of those key celebrities have, and you’re going to fulfill that void in their retail world.

Reasons Why The 'Part <strong>Tomboy</strong> Part Girly-Girl' Is The Best Type.

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I think both of us really appreciated what it means to service a consumer and to focus on a consumer and to be entirely uncompromising when doing something for a consumer.”Once Parsley was committed to the idea of starting Wildfang–initially, Mc Ilroy was just going to help her get it started–the women needed to fure out who Wildfang’s consumer was. You’re going to create their favorite brand because you are going to speak to them through the values and voice that they want.Wood first discovered the brand when she was pregnant with her son and looking for maternity clothes–she says the “pickings were slim.” Then she stumbled on Wildfang’s website and found oversized concert T-shirts to cover her baby bump.

Reasons Why The 'Part Tomboy Part Girly-Girl' Is The Best Type.

Wildfang’s influencer marketing took shape rather serendipitously.

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