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Wildfang’s influencer marketing took shape rather serendipitously.

Why Don't You Just Date a Guy? - Butch Wonders

Wood first discovered the brand when she was pregnant with her son and looking for maternity clothes–she says the “pickings were slim.” Then she stumbled on Wildfang’s website and found oversized concert T-shirts to cover her baby bump.

Why Don't You Just Date a Guy? - Butch Wonders

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“I just turned it into some kind of tomboy-mom chic, and it worked! Indeed, images of her wearing a black, Van Halen T-shirt and skinny jeans were picked up in celebrity magazines, offering the company early exposure. And we’re really bad about defining those gray areas and accommodating that.In July of 2010, Emma Mc Ilroy and Julia Parsley, two Nike executives, were at Urban Outfitters looking at clothes.

Reasons Why The 'Part Tomboy Part Girly-Girl' Is The Best Type.

More recently, the actress shot a short film for Wildfang, ed “Evan Rachel Would,” in which she treks around Portland in a “Tom Boy”-emblazoned T-shirt and brht blue beanie, eagerly accepting challenges that show off her Go Girl badass-ness, such as training as a mascot with Portland Trailblazer Robin Lopez; belting out karaoke with Beth Ditto, the Gossip front woman; and rolling joints with old ladies. I was really appreciative of what (Wildfang) was doing and why they were doing it.”Wildfang’s marketing may have organiy fallen into place, but everything else about the company has been strategiy planned.

Benefits of dating a tomboy:

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