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Dating Scams Have Cost Australians More Than $14.8 Million This.

Many scammers have ties to international organised crime, and involve multiple people working on any number of victims at the one time, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission deputy chair Delia Rickard said.

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I have met so many really intellent people who have been victims of romance scams.

Online romance <strong>scams</strong> - US Army Criminal Investation Command

Tinder Dating app scams to watch out for on Valentine's Day 2017

The scammers are very professional, they are very slick, they imitate legal documents all the time, they do documents that look like they’ve got state seals on them. Annette had worked in the justice system and routinely tried to interrogate the truth of her fiance’s claims.A Grampians woman who lost $400,000 to a love con travelled overseas three times in the hope of meeting her fake fiance.

ACCC says online dating scams costs Australians $28 million a year

Each time she was fobbed off with elaborate excuses, presented with false documents – and in one case a suitcase supposedly filled with $1 million US dollars.

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