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From there, it's improvised, unless the kids are struggling, in which case Bennett will throw in another scripted idea the kids can riff off.

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An example is "Candy Island," in which a girl says saving money is better than not saving money because then you can buy an island made of candy.

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She was prompted to say that, "but then suddenly they're all sparking to this idea," said Mc Mennamy. Prompted, and in many ways wrangled, by actor and comedian Beck Bennett, children answer the simplest of (unbranded) questions in a dozen ads and counting. "But that's what we loved about it—taking time to get inside their heads and hear them talk so wonderfully about these really simple notions." TALENT: The agency prefers non-actor kids but has worked with actors, too.

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"What we ended up with was nothing like what we had on paper.

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