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Vampires (also known as Vampyrs and as Van-Tal in the dimension Pylea) were a species of soulless, undead demons that could only exist on Earth by leaving their own dimension and possessing human corpses. Whether or not the vampires contemporary to or followed immediately after the Old Ones were the Turok-Hans, regular vampires, or both, was never clear.

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They were hybrids, and were thus despised by other, "purer" demon species. When Xander briefly tapped into Maloker's memories, he became aware of a time when magic-wielding early humans were busily driving the Old Ones into the Deeper Well.

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I think i am a psychic vampire. i am new to this can. - Yahoo.

They were well-known for feeding on the blood of mammals, particularly humans. the last demon to leave this reality fed off a human, mixed their blood. Fearful that his time was up, Maloker sought to raise an army using his vampiric bite on a human.Rupert Giles once explained that people have a tendency to "rationalize what they can and forget what they can't." For a period of time in Sunnydale, California, there existed a of vampire wannabes known as the Sunset Club.

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She, like many full-demons, degradingly referred to vampires as half-breeds.

Am i dating a psychic vampire:

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