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Has remained constant throughout the show's run (with the addition of Mona and Alison as needed), minor characters come and go like patrons of the Brew. Childhood friend of Aria's whose interests include doing martial arts in spite of his heart problem.

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One day they're in the A team, the next they're shipped out of Rosewood. He "dated" Aria in season two when she was still keeping her relationship with Ezra a secret, but after an episode where Holden helps Emily fure out where Maya was last seen alive, he is never heard from again.

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While some people have disappeared for good reason — Emily's ex-girlfriend Pae moved to California; Alison's mom got murdered — others fade away with zero explanation. (Please note: Parents of the Liars have been excluded from this list because unless they have been confirmed dead you can assume they are absent any given week due to "a conference in Albany.") 1. Spencer took a walk on the wrong side of the tracks with this hot tennis player who worked at the country club. Perhaps doing tang soo do with a bad heart finally ed him. Noel's involvement in everything has always confused me so much that I'm convinced he's a ghost only the Liars can see.After A sends his in application for him, Alex leaves Spencer at a party thinking she did it. They broke up because he couldn't stay awake during old movies, but what happened after he got 5. Rosewood Hh School guidance counselor who appeared in two episodes then vanished. Spencer hit him with a fireplace tool at the lake house, then he walked out into the dark Pennsylvania nht, presumably to join up with his ghost friends for a ghost party. Sydney Driscoll, last seen season five, episode 13. As of season five, Cyrus was in the hospital with burns courtesy of A.

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Whither that cute boy from the country club that Spencer liked in season one? She encourages him to apply to a tennis camp in Sweden even though he's not interested. characters that has no last name despite being relatively important to the plot, Jake was the gorgeous martial arts instructor who Aria dated for a minute after trying to learn self-defense. These children are clearly in need of some guidance. The last time we saw him, he had stolen an envelope full of pictures of Ali for reasons that have never been explained.

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