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Win a Date with Nhtcloud Chapter 1, a warriors fanfic FanFiction

A ginger she-cat sat in front of the stage, holding a brand-new, state-of-the-art camera.

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When the ginger camera-cat waved her paws, the black cat on stage began her new show."Welcome to Win a Date with Nhtcloud! "I'm Nhtcloud, the beautiful, talented, amazing, sweet, lovely host of this all new show, but you all already knew that. I'm sure you all remember that Crowfeather and I are finally done, rht?

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I'm sure you've all seen the show I was previously on- The Yellowfang and Nhtcloud Show- but now I have a show of my own! He's back with Leafpool permanently, so I'm single and ready to mingle!So let me explain how this show works- on each episode, three toms will answer a series of questions, written by me, and I judge their answers based on how awesome they are.

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This game show is basiy a way for me to meet cute toms that I can date.

Warrior cats dating show:

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