Warrior cats dating show

Win a Date with Nhtcloud Chapter 1, a warriors fanfic FanFiction

After The Yellowfang and Nhtcloud Show ended, everyone's favorite quirky, annoying, hashtag-loving, Crowfeather-hating host started a game show.

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Watch as three toms struggle to answer Nhtcloud's slew of random questions in an effort to win the ultimate prize. A crowd of cats gathered in a familiar auditorium, sitting in rows of seats in front of a well-lit stage.


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The show they had once come to see here had ended, but a new one was just beginning, and the stage had been redecorated by the host.So let me explain how this show works- on each episode, three toms will answer a series of questions, written by me, and I judge their answers based on how awesome they are.

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The back wall of the stage was now painted a pale pink, and had a giant red heart painted in the center, with several small hearts painted around it.

Warrior cats dating show:

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