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Ukraine crisis Crimea is a tinderbox of divided loyalties as Putin.

Defeat in the Crimean War forced modernisation on Russia. The peninsula became an Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1921, until it was conquered, following intense fhting, by the Nazis in the Second World War.

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This was the most violent episode in Crimea’s history.

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The Red Army swept back in 1943-44, which is why so many Russians today regard the peninsula as a kind of war memorial: we paid for it in blood, they think, so it’s rhtfully “ours”.In the past 48 hours, the Crimean peninsula has become a flashpoint in the wider struggle between Russia and the West over the future fate of Ukraine. Its history is scarred by invasion and war – and it has resulted in a population that is deeply divided on the question of nationhood.

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But those feelings don’t always run both ways: during the war, Stalin took the opportunity to deport “reactionary” nationalities that had allegedly collaborated with, or not resisted, the Germans.

Tinderbox dating south africa:

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