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Remember girl duo t. A. T.u from Eurovision? Here's what the pair are.

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Then, in 2004, the took a hiatus after they split from their producer and Volkova became pregnant. Production began in early 2007 and is expected for a 2008 release. T.u., the album has a much “dancier” style than their previous albums. Their first Russian album was mostly rock and dance influenced, while their first English album was heavily influenced by rock and electronica. They sang “Ne Ver’, Ne Boysya”, but because of Volkova’s inflamed vocal cords, she did not take part in rehearsals, lowering the quality of their performance.

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However, in December 2003, it became apparent in their documentary, Anatomy of t. T.u., that their sexuality was just part of the ’s image at the time, and that they were not actually lesbians. T.u.’s image and vocals fit well into pop music, however, the ’s sound varies from rock, to dance, to pop and electronica. represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 and came in 3rd place with just 3 points less than the winning song performed by Sertab Erener from Turkey. Their debut album, “200 Po Vstrechnoi ” was the first from a Russian act to reach gold status internationally. became the first act to receive an IFPI Platinum Europe Award for the same album in two languages.

Tatu Baby Ethnicity - Plastic Surgery, Bio, Boyfriend, Husband

The was formed in 1999 by Ivan Shapovalov in Moscow. With the release of their debut English album, “200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane ”, t. Much of their early success was based on what was thought of as a lesbian image portrayed by Katina and Volkova, and the controversy that surrounded it.

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