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Their debut album, “200 Po Vstrechnoi ” was the first from a Russian act to reach gold status internationally. became the first act to receive an IFPI Platinum Europe Award for the same album in two languages.

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is the most successful international recording act exported from Russia, with a fan base stretching all over the world.

T. A. T.u singer Yulia Volkova beat cancer but 'mistake' during surgery.

One Of T. A. T.u's Fake Lesbian Singers Says Being Gay Isn't "Natural"

They were soon back in the studio, and, in 2005, released “Dangerous and Moving ” and “Lyudi-Invalidy ”. Waste Management is the third English studio album by t. The album will be much less metaphorical than the last album, and will follow a more philosophical theme. Their English follow-up, Dangerous and Moving, was a more traditionally Euro-pop album than the first. Stevie brought along his snature Ciroc bottles and a new champagne ed Moreno.

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Coming in from the Black Ink NYC location was Skyy, who is going to be managing the Atlanta shop along with Ted, Young Bae, Oh $hit — now Richard, and Walt. Stevie J was the co-host of the evening along with Ceaser.

Tatu are they dating:

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