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It is a place to discuss questions about the dital future and get hands-on with new technology, and where prototype apps are created in just 40 hours thanks to Hack Zurich.

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Inspiration, cooperation and an unforgettable experience are guaranteed.

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They’re easy to share, easy to consume and they’re good fun too.Andi Kunz, Founder & President of NOIVA“Humanitarian aid is often delegated.

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We’ve already covered how to use animated GIFs to spiff up your emails – but now that cute animal GIFs have pretty much replaced text on our news feeds, here are a few ways brands use animated images to boost engagement on and Twitter… They’re the perfect middle ground between a still image and a video, and don’t command too much of your time-poor audience’s attention (or their mobile data). Even if it’s fairly simple, a nice GIF of a new product or new dish on the menu is far more exciting and eye-catching than a still shot – and it’s more memorable too.

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