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“The existing dating sites don’t verify profiles, so most women get catfished by men posing as women.

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On Amour, you can be sure that everyone is real.” Despite many well-intentioned efforts to get the idea off the ground, nothing concrete happened until April this year, when Dolly met fellow LGBT activist Karan Kariappa, leading to a girl-meets-boy story that’s platonic, but ultimately about love.

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“Love that isn’t bogged down by the hookup culture, which often seems like the only avenue to meet new people in the LGBT community.“We don’t want people to be judged or shamed for having alternate desires.” The Amour team also wanted to step away from the body shaming, racism and ageism that is rife across many dating sites.

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Here’s a site for long-term love, an all-inclusive platform for the entire spectrum of sexuality and gender expressions, not just for gays and lesbians,” she explains.

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