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Try out some new products and you'll leave looking like a new woman without spending a dime (unless you end up liking the products, whoops).5. As long as you have a valid ID, you can take back old or used products, and exchange them for something that'll work on you! Get Better Prices You know how frustrating it can be when you finally splurge on something and then a week later it goes on sale?

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Return Products You Don't Love Have you ever felt that moment of soul-crushing sadness when you finally splurge on the expensive gel volumizer you're BFF has been raving about, only to find that it doesn't work for you? If you purchase an item two weeks before it gets discounted Sephora will refund you the difference.

How To Save Money At <b>Sephora</b> - <b>Sephora</b> Hacks

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All you have to do is bring your product back to the store and they'll adjust the price!Become A "Beauty Insider"Becoming a "Beauty Insider" is probably the best thing that can happen to a Sephora addict.

How To Save Money At Sephora - Sephora Hacks

They can be hard to find though, (like at the outskirts of the store or in bins at the end of displays), so be sure to ask a sales associate for help.3.

Sephora just dating:

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