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Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio -

We’ve written blogs before about how recording at home is a great modern option for musicians (read that post here if you haven’t already – it could be useful! After all, why pay for studio time when you can be the master of your own output at every step of the process?

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Recording at home means no time pressure, total creative control, and less expense.

Keep it Reel Make your iPad into a professional <strong>recording</strong>

Why You Should Not Use A Mixer In Your Home Recording Studio

There are upsides to the studio approach too, of course – professional producers and a wide range of top notch gear to try out and use, to name but two – but the reality these days is that most of us want to do things from our bedrooms. The more powerful and modern the better, obviously, but old workhorses can sometimes do the job too – just make sure you check you have all the relevant specs required if you’re looking at buying a piece of new gear for your setup.By the way, we’re assuming here that you have cables to connect your various bits of gear to one another!

Keep it Reel Make your iPad into a professional recording

So, what exactly do you need to record from home successfully? Of course, the more advanced you get, the more you can spend on gear, and the more professional sounding your results mht be. Thirdly, you’ll need a DAW – or Dital Audio Workstation.

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