Perks of dating a bigger girl

Reasons Why Having a B Bum Rocks

You can incessantly indulge in your wildest fantasies throughout the day without so much of a hint of guilt. You do not need to buy any gifts or chocolates before visiting your friend.

Dating a Tall Girl - William Haynes -

And it is absolutely alrht for you to eat the chocolates on your own; the ones you may have bought for them, on the way. You do not need to control your bladder when in an emergency situation. The world is your urinal and you have the power to paint it yellow. You’re very comfortable with silence, especially when it means not uttering a word when you’re watching your favourite game with your buddies.

<b>Dating</b> a Tall <b>Girl</b> - William Haynes -

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No, we’re not promoting urinating in public, just saying. When people disapprove of your work, you don’t cry your eyes out assuming everybody hates you because you don’t really care about what people have to say about you. Two hours can pass easily without a conversation without any of you thinking ‘Is he mad at me? Things just work out on their own with best friends.It is never an embarrassing moment, always a means to bond more over the laughs. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green are the only four colours you are expected to know of (black and white are oh-so-common).

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But if you’re hiding man-boobs bger than Pamela Anderson’s assets under that shirt, this one isn’t for you. Rather, they rope you in the gang with every guy telling the dirtiest joke they’ve ever heard.

Perks of dating a bigger girl:

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