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Oxford student who stabbed boyfriend could be spared jail.

Dear Blues Match, I'm replying to the email not because I'm unhappy about the message in any way, but because I think I should get you to take my message off the site as I'm getting married soon to someone I met through your good offices.

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Hi there, The reason for cancelling my membership is that I am now in a very promising relationship with a man I met on Blues Match!

<strong>Oxford</strong> <strong>student</strong> Lavinia Woodward 'may avoid jail' for knife attack.

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We started writing in October, met in November and we have been seeing each other ever since! I just thought that you mht like to know that I got engaged on Friday to the first and only person I ever met through Blues Match.We've been seeing each other ever since, and I'd be crazy not to give her my full attention.

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Emma was the first person I'd ever met through any kind of internet dating and she's amazing. I've decided to cancel my membership because, on my third BM date, I met someone with whom I clicked almost immediately.

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