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Bonus payments, sales commissions, pay reviews, job gradings, life and death, etc., can all be dependent on sales staff meeting sales targets, so all in all sales targets are quite sensitive things.

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Targets are established at the beginning of the trading year, and then reinforced with a system of regular forecasting and reviews (sometimes referred to as 'a good bollocking') throughout the year. This type of learning is the most valuable and well-respected (by future potential employers) of all. /ing - a personal face-to-face visit or telephone by a sales person to a prospect or customer.

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Also referred to a sales (for any sales visit or phone contact), or cold (in the case of a first contact without introduction or notice in writing).Re: Pozor na praktiky personálních agentur v Německu. O srazech a akcích, zábavě, práci, ubytování, studiu v Regensburku,.

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Retention/customer retention - means simply keeping customers and not losing them to competitors.

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