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For Wayne Rooney, unlike Daniel Sturridge, it's not easy.

By far the weirdest of the New Climate selections can be found in the Midnht Shorts lineup, where “Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre” will make its debut.

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The full lineup of shorts, which will play Sundance during the festival, which runs Jan.

NBC's 'The Slap' Does Everything In Its Power to Make You. - Pajiba

Connection to Country Sydney Film Festival

19-29, 2017: “American Paradise” (Director/screenwriter: Joe Talbot) — A desperate man in Trump’s America tries to shift his luck with the perfect crime in this story inspired by true events.Kristen Stewart’s directorial debut, “Come Swim,” which she created as part of Refinery29’s women-helmed Shatterbox Anthology series, will screen at the Sundance Film Festival alongside 67 other short films announced Tuesday.

NBC's 'The Slap' Does Everything In Its Power to Make You. - Pajiba

“Cecile on the Phone” (Director: Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Screenwriters: Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Ellen Greenberg) — Overwhelmed by doubt and confusion after her ex-boyfriend’s return to New York, Cecile embarks on a series of telephone conversations that serve only to distract her from the one conversation she really needs to have.

Old slapper dating australia:

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