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I would like to know the law in the state of michan on a 17 year old wanting to move out or running away from home, is ther anything a parent can do to stop this?

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If not is the parent still responsible for the child?

<em>Legal</em> relationship <em>age</em> <em>difference</em>

Legal relationship age difference

Children do not become emancipated in Michan until age 18. does not include general assistance or aid to families with dependent children administered under the social welfare act, Act No.Michan's Runaway and Homeless Youth Act gives police the power to take a minor into custody and remand them to a juvenile facility until a court hearing.

Romeo and Juliet Law'' Provides Some Relief for Young Adults.

Before that a Court can emancipate the child as follows:(a) THAT THE MINOR' S PARENT OR GUARDIAN DOES NOT OBJECT TO THE PETITION; OR IF A PARENT OR GUARDIAN OBJECTS TO THE PETITION, THAT THE OBJECTING PARENT OR GUARDIAN IS NOT PROVIDING THE MINOR WITH SUPPORT (b) THAT THE MINOR IS AT LEAST 16 YEARS OF AGE. (d) That the minor has demonstrated the ability to manage his or her financial affairs, including proof of employment or other means of support. 280 of the Public Acts of 1939, being sections 400.1 to 400.121 of the Michan Compiled Laws.

Legal age difference for dating in michigan:

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