Is mike dating paula jersey shore

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As a result of Mike's attitude after dinner, some of the housemates started to get the feeling he really didn't care about anyone else.

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At Bamboo, one of the girls in the club ed Snooki fat and this provoked JWoww to fht to defend her girlfriend.

<i>Jersey</i> <i>Shore</i>' Recap A Tragic Situation - Rolling Stone

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They decided to go to Karma the next nht and Vinny inadvertently stole the boss' girl, Tonya.The next day, Ronnie's family stopped in for lunch and Sammi was introduced to his parents and younger brother during an afternoon on the boardwalk.

Jersey Shore' Recap A Tragic Situation - Rolling Stone

Ronnie was angry with Mike's approach to the situation and Snooki received a that her attacker had been released from prison on bail.

Is mike dating paula jersey shore:

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