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Deadpool Didn't Really Him – Here's How Coulson Will Survive

Finally picking a field in the middle of Kansas to settle it.

Deadpool #250 or #45 whichever The Death of Deadpool spoilers.

After brutally telling Ultimatum just where he is they send their legion to settle up. I don't like that DP's death ties to a book I do not give two shits about. It can be like scooby doo except with real monsters.

<strong>Deadpool</strong> Didn't Really Him – Here's How Coulson Will Survive

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I could go into detail about the battle but, well, it's a curbstomp. However I do like that Deadpool found peace within himself at the end and the fact that his death had nothing to do with his book, but affects the Marvel Universe as a whole, is a bit of subversion. Wasn't enthused about Michael in a comedy short, but holy crap that was a lot of good jokes for a few pages. B Deadpool gets the infinite gauntlet: This one needs spoilers: Since this is the last issue, mht as well squeeze in one last bin issue.He expects Deadpool to come raging at them but Wade is way past that.

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Angry Wade is not a person you really want to mess with, especially when you make the average Hydra mook look like Dr. He butchers them, he slaughters them, honesty he thinks getting blood drunk and psychotic is a bger threat than any of these jobbers. Deadpool hooks back up with his family and friends (Asdit's there too, proving Ultimatum are frgin awful at ing people) on a stolen yacht. Preston points out that stealing a yacht is still kind of DP thing. The fact that he dies as a result of an incursion pretty much puts his return at 100% It does make me wonder about the future though. Asdit vs Hipsters: Asdit's deep dark secret, eh I chuckled c Ben Franklin vs. Takes place during the infinite gauntlet, but the writers were hammered so screw continuity!

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