How easy is it to hook up on tinder

Tinder is Making It Easier For Celebrities

Earlier this year, Tinder was valued at $5 billion dollars by Bloomberg.

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Other financial institutions have since refuted this, but to give you an idea of how snificant it is, the rest of the entire online dating industry is believed to be worth $2 billion, and growing in turnover at a steady but respectable 3.5 per cent a year. One reading is this – some of us want painstakingly crafted profiles, 90-per-cent compatibility ratings and a working knowledge of someone's favourite movies and childhood fears before we can commit to a coffee with them.

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Has Tinder Ruined The Way We Hook

But the overwhelming majority of us are looking for a fast fuck.The online dating industry has been rapidly growing and evolving for over a decade, but it took Tinder to turn it on its head and open it up to millions by gamifying it.

Tinder A Hook-Up App Women Actually

To be less crude, it's as if the internet finally fured out what we already knew.

How easy is it to hook up on tinder:

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