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Getting the size of the Raspberry Pi down to the Zero’s diminutive size (65 x 30 x 5mm) meant that a fair few things had to be cut out.

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But progress is an unstoppable beast, and a year later, in time for the Pi Foundation’s fifth birthday, comes an improved version, the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

How to set up <b>Raspberry</b> Pi as a WiFi

How to set up Raspberry Pi as a WiFi

You can probably guess from the "W" in the name that this Zero model now has integrated wireless.Instead, you get one micro-USB power input, one micro-USB On-The-Go (OTG) port for connecting devices and a mini-HDMI output.

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Thanks to the onboard chip, the Pi Zero W has integrated Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi (2.4GHz).

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