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Education in India Search Add your Institute Institutions Courses Entrance Exams Career Options Alerts Coaching Centres Articles Knowledge Date Sheets Languages Home / Articles / Reality Shows - Facts and Effects Report Error Reality Shows - Facts and Effects Reality Shows are genre of television shows or programmes which feature common people and or celebrities or both, in real life or scripted situations/environment or a mix of both real and scripted incidents.

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Reality Shows are also referred as ‘Reality Television’.

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Reality shows have become quite a rage of late; these were non-existent until the 1940’s. This was because it was a new concept and as such manipulation was limited to only creating uinary situations for ordinary citizens.The irony of ‘Reality Shows’ is that even though they are known as ‘Reality Based Shows’; most of them are ‘Unreal’. The idea of placing people in situations, just to see how they react, became imaginable and almost ‘Passé’. As such, previous projections of human behaviour do not hold that much ground as compared to the ones that are being churned out with all the melodrama and unexpected spoofs or stunts.

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However, the reality shows of today have blurred the reality. Popularity Factors Types of Reality Shows Effects of Reality Shows Reality Television Pros and Cons Reality Shows Advantages Reality Shows Disadvantages Curbing or Limiting the Effects of reality Shows Real Life is nothing, what popular Reality Shows depict.

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