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Choosing a replica from the myriad of kit car companies can be daunting - especially since each company seems to offer a different package. We also use a unique body structure , engineered to create a long-lifed body free of stress cracks and distortion.

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Compare our body, engineering, and level of support with others. a visually faithful reproduction where you can see. The chassis is strengthened over the orinal desn - and stiffened to reduce body shake, an important factor in an open car. dilutes the value of other kits no matter how well they were built by the customer. Our cars have achieved a reputation of is a visual clone of the orinal 289 race car.

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suspension works with the stiffer chassis to produce a combination of excellent handling and quality ride not found in any other roadster reproduction, or for that matter, any orinal.We are also faithful in the engine compartment and trunk areas. Other manufacturers bond the inner panels, hinge and latch supports directly to the backside of the outer body.

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In fact, other marques have been falsely advertised and sold as E. Our body shape is indistinguishable from the orinal down to the smallest details. 289FIA is rock-solid, without rattles, drumming, or shakes.

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