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According to Bowman, the pay-to-communicate format established by Match in the mid 90’s resulted in a lack of innovation. Because the business model Match spawned required anonymity.

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By limiting the amount of “real-world personal information” in profiles–i.e.

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Twitter handles, pages, etc.–a dating site can keep users on for longer. Rather than a static profile, The will “tap into the sites that consumers use every day”–such as Netflix and Amazon–to create “a more dynamic interest graph.” It’s one thing to say you “like comedies,” “love to read,” “live for travel.” It’s another to show potential mates that your Netflix queue is full of Chevy Chase films, that you just bought you and your father copies of the latest Stephen King novel, or that your Picasa album has been updated with pictures from Peru.“It’s not a good thing when it prevents someone who that person mht like from understanding who that person really is.” Personhood can’t be captured in a simple database. “The first version of the Internet,” res Bowman, “was based around ‘It’–an index of linked websites that were interesting to most people, like Yahoo directories.

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“Anonymity is a good thing when a person wants it,” Bowman said. In Bowman’s vision, as Internet use rises, and people define themselves increasingly by where they go and who they talk to and what they post and buy–online–their dating profile evolves with them.

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