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How do you hook up a manual boost controller.

I know were the hose on the wastegate actuator is but the one that comes of the turbo i cant find. ok so there is a t fitting that has all the vacuum hoses connected to it one goes to the BOV on goes to the wastegate actuator and one goes to the ECI. Not that it matters when hooking up a MBC, but gvr4's are often mistakingly ed DSM's, when infact they are not. On topic; Did this MBC not come with installation instructions?

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Sorry if im making this hard im just having trouble understanding it. If not, I'm sure they could be found easily by using your search engine "google".

Manual boost controller2 - GrimmSpeed - Car Performance.

Manual boost controller2 - GrimmSpeed - Car Performance.

Rht now i take the tube off the wastegate actuator and connect it to the MBC then i loose it do i hook up the tube that comes from the ECI to the MBC or is there somewhere else i must go first. You will be reusing those same lines but putting your mbc in instead of the bcs.

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Try and do the boost check in 3rd or 4th gear, not 1st or 2nd because loads will be hher and boost may subsequently be hher in 3rd or 4th./brox Normally the vacuum lines run to the stock bcs and then to the wg actuator.

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