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I'm thinking of running low boost in first and second gear, and hh boost in the hher gears. Perhaps you should find an electronic boost controller to do the job?

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Anyone have experience with how to hook up the switch...the gear shift knob, steering wheel, gear shift linkage? I would say that the best place to put it would be the stering wheel so you can quickly up the boost when you need to. I have seen some that "guess" what gear you're in based on engine rpm/load. b tires means b axle and diferential boost controoler are profec-b with the remote switch in the steering unfortunatly their service and warranty are it fails ,throw it to the other hand innovative turbos have one that can be switched 5 diferent stages by clutch switch and holds up to 60 psi and extremely user friendly. t=80486 edit; looks like others having problems with the greddy too: Try and do the boost check in 3rd or 4th gear, not 1st or 2nd because loads will be hher and boost may subsequently be hher in 3rd or 4th./brox Normally the vacuum lines run to the stock bcs and then to the wg actuator.

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Another option would be to setup hh boost buttons in 3rd , 4th and 5th gear slots. also e-boost is a excelent one.i have install and tune all of them ,if you have the money go to innovative,if not go to a simple,cheaper one like turboxs dual stage. t=87975&hht=profec [Edited by 99mini on Oct 27, 2004 AM] Here is a much cheaper alternative to a true ebc. I bought a different switch and mounted it by my shifter in my eclipse.

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