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Doom has plenty of quiet moments and wholly encourages exploration with its many secrets, but doesn’t reward much in the way of color and information about the world. There’s plenty of room for Doom to expand on environmental storytelling.

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I just want to know who I’m dissolving with my super shotgun on the reg, not because I want to empathize with them (that’d be tough to pull off), but because I want to know what they represent. Are they representative of a specific kind of sinner? Sure, every inverted corpse is a story, but if the only story prop in each environment are inverted corpses then the story per inverted corpse will have diminishing returns.


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OK, so don’t replace all of the blood, but I think there’s room to be more creative with fluid decoration in Hell.Think of the lowest depths of misery and anger channeled through a rad guitar solo, dude. Imagine: an ocean of obsidian with just you and a shotgun. Doom would benefit from even more environmental variety, though.


Blood is cool, and the implications of blood hanging around for decoration or happenstance aren’t rosy, but that junk would congeal and crust.

Doom metal dating:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates