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All too soon I'm standing at the bottom of wooden steps, eyes set on the curtain that acts as a door for the freak show building.

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My heartbeat picks up, threatening to pop out of my chest any second."Are you gonna go in or are you just gonna stand out here," a soft voice in my ear causes me to jump, my sword bag sliding off my shoulder and onto the concrete."So sorry," a pale man says leaning over to retrieve my bag, "my names Morgue.""Danger," I answer with a soft smile.

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He must work here."Come on in, Todd's waiting for you."Hoisting the black bag back up onto my shoulder I follow Morgue up the stairs and into the tent looking building."Do you like working here?It's a twenty-minute walk from where I live to the freak show.

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If not I mht have to leave Venice Beach and the only life I've ever know behind.

Do asia ray and morgue dating:

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