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Meet Britain's most influential YouTube vloggers with a combined.

Just 5pc of internet users would turn to vlogs when looking for product information, while less than 10pc of people who watch vlogs would do their research this way.

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Search engines remain the most effective method, reaching 50pc of internet users, followed by consumer review sites and brands’ own websites.

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“Brands are falling over themselves to recruit [vloggers] as advocates and the most successful vloggers are now seen as leading experts in their respective fields (from fashion and beauty to music and gaming),” Jason Mander, head of trends at GWI, said.“At present, though, it’s clear that vlogging is still heavily associated with entertainment, comedy and advice – rather than a space for overtly commercial activities.

Marnie Simpson says her date is "too young" for her as she vows to.

Product placements with a vlogger are reported to cost around £4,000, or five times that for a month-long banner ad on the vlog.

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