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After a grueling wait period, the diagnosis comes back. You let this unwanted stranger sit with you and follow you everywhere. Josh Robbins, who writes the blog says he seemed to expect the news but still needed to stop and catch his breath.

Apps – POZ is a dating app for the HIV community.

Then he moved forward and said, “Well, I got some work to do to bring that viral load down.” Another blogger, Patrick Ingram of admits to leaving the clinic feeling scared and alone after he was told he tested positive, but then he immediately turned it around, offering to help anyone who suspects that they mht also have the virus.

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“I’ll go with you if you live in my area,” he said.Those are the guys who, I think, have potential for the best chemistry.

What Not to Do If You Are Dating and HIV-Positive

“Please, please don’t do this alone.” You can’t get any more real and compassionate than these two guys, and they put my other friends to shame—people who seem more concerned about where to travel for vacation than they do about the greater good.

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