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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / My Niece Is Dating My Ex-boyfriend (4789 Views) My Husband Raped My Niece —wife / I Caught My Husband Sniffing My Niece's Pants / Shocking!!!! This guy and I have nothing going anymore but I don't think it's proper for people to do that. I don't want to cause a family feud, though sides are already being taken by female family members.

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I Caught My Niece self-servicing (1) (2) (3) (4) I want to get a grip on this issue cos it mht affect a few relationships. I don't know what moral justification anybody would have to say that a young girl should date an aunty's ex so long as she's happy cos that's what some are selling. And no, I'm not still in love with the guy, I broke it off but we remained good friends.

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I don't know how her mother could allow it cos I clearly warned her when I started seeing the sns. I don't want to appear like the jealous ex, but obviously I'm not happy about the whole thing.It happened that i had somethings i needed to sell and she had buyers for them. Now i did ask her what caused the break up for her (irreversable). Cos it's like, you're talking to her about your cousin, you're doing business with her, then you say, you like her.[i] She would be thinking in her mind....

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I ed and told him about the meeting and he urged me to put in some good words for him, that he still had a thing for her. The girl would probably be thinking you're insane when u even tell her that you like her.

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